"One Team ~ One Dream"

Working Together to Create Great Musicians

It is very important to create and maintain a “one team~one dream” attitude in order for our piano lessons to be successful, to guarantee a superior result and a great return on your time and monetary investment. Our practice begins with forming a three-member team where each player knows its role and responsibilities and equally contributes to the success of the team.
This combined effort of the “one team~one dream” team always produces amazing results!

Teacher Responsibilities

I will:
  • Help each student succeed in reaching their musical goals
  • Provide a professional environment free from distractions and conducive to learning and making music
  • Create an atmosphere where students are free to feel comfortable and confident, able to recognize both seriousness and fun
  • Teach the individual student and adjust my approach to the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each
  • Respect students' opinions and creativity
  • Teach a well-rounded curriculum to include repertoire, theory, technique, and musicianship
  • Encourage & motivate students to practice at home
  • Arrange adequate performance opportunities for students
  • Encourage communication between team members, answering questions, helping to solve problems
  • Provide all these things so learning will happen and beautiful music will be made!!
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Parent Responsibilities

I will:
  • Provide my child with a piano or keyboard for regular practice
  • Remember that lesson assignments, home practice and studio activities have the same priority as school work.
  • Help my child find a daily practice time free from commitments, noise, and distractions. My younger child will have practice time supervised when possible
  • Read the weekly assignment sheet to see that instructions are being followed and completed
  • Sit in with my child during practice time when I am able as I understand that practicing can be tricky and lonely
  • Encourage my child! Praise their efforts and successes! Be their best cheerleader!
  • Arrive for lessons on time & promptly pick them up at the end of the lesson
  • Make prompt monthly tuition payments
  • Stay at the studio and listen to my child’s piano lesson when I’m able
  • Reschedule missed lessons asap to keep my child’s learning momentum high
  • Expose my child to live concert performances and listening to great music in the car and at home
  • Let Mrs. Cross know how things are going at home, relay concerns, ask questions
  • Enjoy the musical talent my child has been given!!
Signed: _____________________ Date: _________

Student Responsibilities

I will:
  • Arrive at my lesson with my binder and books, assignments completed  
  • Listen and follow directions during my lesson and not doodle on the piano
  • Ask questions when I don’t understand
  • Decide with help from my parents on a practice time when I am rested and free from commitments & distractions
  • Then practice at that time at least 3 days a week
  • Read my assignment sheet to make sure I’m completing my “homework”
  • Practice my finger exercises and songs using good technique and practice strategies explained by Mrs. Cross, playing them several times during each practice time
  • Complete any worksheets or online assignments before my next lesson
  • Respond positively to reminders from my parents regarding home practice, remembering that they are helping me to be successful at the piano
  • Remember to have one of my parents sign the practice timetable before lessons
  • Relax and have fun learning this new skill, this new expression, this new language!!
Signed: _____________________ Date: ______