"Crosswinds Music Studio's Policy 2017-2018"

Welcome! Thank You for choosing me as the piano teacher for your child!

I hope that you will take your child’s piano training seriously and that the following guidelines I have established will help us attain our goals. I will strive to help your child learn and appreciate music, and enjoy playing – allowing for fun while maintaining a relatively structured environment here at my studio. Music is a language. There are many basics that must be mastered before advancing into more complex music. Please remember that children all learn at different rates of speed, differing in motivation and temperament.
I will teach your child as an individual, challenging him/her according to their unique musical potential.

Weekly Attendance & Missed Lessons:  Regular lesson attendance is the responsibility and choice on the part of parents and students. Your child’s lesson time has been reserved for your child only.

Please do NOT schedule sports activities, doctor appointments, play dates, etc. during this time.  

Paid tuition reserves your child a position in my weekly lesson roster with specifically prepared learning materials and works like tuition paid to any educational institution (private school, college, or university), whether your child attends or not. My studio does not assume any financial responsibility for your child’s absence (please see the Crosswinds Music Tuition Schedule for tuition pricing).

Lessons on “No School” days can be rescheduled for morning/early afternoon times if you wish.             No lessons are given on the following holidays. You are not invoiced for them.
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Holiday time, Christmas/New Year Holiday time and 4 th of July.

Music lessons continue during July and August. I encourage you to have your child continue studying and practicing so they do not lose the knowledge, technical aspects and momentum they’ve garnered during the school year. Summer scheduling is extremely flexible with added morning times and week-day choices.  

PRACTICE TIME:  Please review my “One Team ~ One Dream”platform. It’s so important to support
your child. Independent Study or practice time can be very lonely, especially for younger children.
Listen as they practice. Offer words of praise and encouragement.
Sit in as they practice at home or come spend a few minutes at one of their studio lessons.

Be their best cheerleader! You’re there for their sports – be there for their music!

Performance Opportunities:  Public performance is an important and exciting part of music study. During the school year, performance opportunities are made available to students. These events provide students with further incentive to practice and excel and can have a very positive effect on their sense of accomplishment. Recitals build confidence and reinforce the concept that good practice habits result in good musicians.
Several performance times are scheduled during the year –  Christmas/Hanukkah, our special Music Winter Olympics in March and the Awards Recital in June!
These scheduled recitals are part of your child’s “repertoire” and participation is required.
These recital dates are being posted a year in advance so there will be no scheduling issues.
Prizes, awards and gifts are presented only during recitals, never at lesson time.
Another performance opportunity is the NYSSMA Festival, held the first Friday & Saturday in May,
hosted by a local school, where your child can perform for an adjudicator and receive an evaluation.          
This is non-competitive but does serve as a valuable learning experience.

Social Media:  I reserve the right to use photographs or video recordings taken during student group gatherings and performances for use in advertising materials or on my studio-owned website. Photos/videos taken by me or that are shared with me by parents or students become the property of my studio and can be used at my discretion in regards only to the studio. When you register your child as a student at Crosswinds Music Studio, it is understood that you are in agreement with these statements unless you specifically speak with me in this regard. I will follow online safety guidelines. Your child’s full name will never be used.

Regarding the Studio:  Be sure to arrive on time for both the start and end of your child’s lesson.    
PLEASE DO NOT COME TO LESSONS TOO EARLY. I cannot supervise your child and teach at the same time.
Also, the student having a lesson may feel uncomfortable and distracted with you and/or your child present.
~ If your child arrives late, only the remaining minutes of their lesson time can be used. ~
If you have more than one child taking lessons, they may come together and quietly do work at the “kitchen” table while waiting for their lesson. They may not run around or play with the rhythm instruments or organ.
They may bring drinks/snacks, eat them at the “kitchen” table and cleanup when they finish.
If they cause a disturbance, they will not be allowed to wait in the studio.
Kitchen appliances – Stove, Keurig, Refrigerator (except for “Drink Shelf”) are OFF LIMITS!
Parents are always welcome to quietly observe lessons as long as your child is not distracted by your presence.

Please have your child arrive for lessons with clean hands and short nails ~

Sickness:  If your child must miss a lesson because of illness or family emergency, please notify me a
minimum of 8 hours before the scheduled lesson time and a make-up credit will be issued.
“No call-no show” lesson times will not be eligible for make-up credit or rescheduling.
~ Please understand that I will not answer my phone while I am teaching so please leave a message ~
If your child is ill and does not attend school on lesson day or is sent home during that day,
please do not bring them to their lesson.
If your child arrives and it appears that they are ill, I reserve the right to cancel the lesson immediately.
You will be called to take your child home. This lesson will then not be eligible for make-up credit.

Teacher Absence:  In the event that I am ill or have an extreme family emergency
and need to cancel your child’s lesson, you will receive a make-up credit. I will contact you to reschedule.

Inclement Weather:  If schools are closed due to bad weather, by default, lessons will be cancelled
for that day. If you decide that you can safely bring your child to the studio for lessons, please contact me. Otherwise, lessons are cancelled. You will be issued a make-up credit.

Lesson Termination/Withdrawal:  Regrettably, I reserve the right to terminate lessons
due to but not limited to negative or inappropriate behavior, uncooperative attitude,
disrespect toward any studio property – keyboards, computer, iPad, headphones, reading books, DVD’s, etc.,
failure to prepare assignments a majority of the time, persistent absences or failure to pay tuition on time.
If I initiate the termination, I will provide, in writing, my reasons for this termination.
Any termination initiated by a parent/student must be mutually agreed upon between the parent/student and
me and requires an advanced 2-week WRITTEN notice.
You will receive a final invoice for the balance due from any lessons already given but are still outstanding.
No refunds on tuition already paid.

[If lessons are terminated less than one year from start-up, the following studio materials must be returned to the studio by the last studio lesson: notebook, method books, book bag, recorder, etc.].

    Finally, this applies to all lesson terminations: Access to all Apps - Piano Maestro, Dust Busters 2,                 Simply Piano, Wolfie, FlowKey, Supersonics Piano Plus, Sight Reading Factory, Recorder Master,                      Music Learning Community, etc. will end exactly one week after the last studio lesson.
                          Any outstanding payments not mutually resolved within 7 days after the last studio lesson                       will be turned over to legal counsel for resolution.

[Updated August 2017]